Local Highlight: Craft Beer Spots in LKN ­čŹ╗

Local Highlight Craft Beer Lake Norman


There is no doubt that the craft beer scene in Lake Norman is booming. ┬áThere is no lack of places to find only local craft beer or┬ásome of the best from across the country. ┬áThis month we are solely focusing on those craft beer spots, not restaurants…although, there are some restaurants that really stack their taps with local brew. ┬áCheers to them, but that’s for another post.

If you are a craft beer lover, then it is likely you have been to these spots. ┬áIf not, use this as a bit of a checklist for your Spring ­čÖé


What about you, what is your favorite spot? ┬áTell us in the comments below…


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