Local Highlight: Matt’s Chicago Dog 🌭

Local Highlight Lake Norman Matt's Chicago Dog Cornelius Hot Dog Pizza


We love to highlight local businesses that we enjoy in the Lake Norman area.  This month’s seems fitting since the Cubs are in the World Series.  Let’s chat about Matt’s Chicago Dog.

We have clients that move from all over the country, but it is fun when they are from Chicago and I get to tell them about Matt’s Chicago Dog.  The Italian Sausage, Chicago Dog & Chicago style Pizza…all very good and just about the only place you can find them around Lake Norman.

They have so much more than the items listed above.  Their homemade chips are the best in the area.  We often go when we feel like a corndog and order the 2 corndog combo…hence, why I go to Kadi Fit so much 😉  They have salads, wraps, pizza rolls, burgers and tater tots.  Quite the variety!

Located conveniently off Catawba in Cornelius, in a popular shopping center.  We enjoy lunch or dinner there.  They are fairly quick, but plan a little more time for pizza.  The crust is so flakey and good, it’ll be worth the wait.  They expanded their space last year, adding more seats, beer taps and wine.  You can even order online!

Have you been?  What did you think?  If you haven’t been, will you check them out and let us know what you think?  We have so many great spots in Lake Norman, it is easy to frequent the same places over and over.  I hope we are adding some new spots to your mix.



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