Charlotte Lake Norman Real Estate Realtor Properties HomesBuying & Selling a home is not easy.  It is my job and my passion to take care of all the intricacies in this process to get you to your end goal…into YOUR home.  Just ask my clients.

I am an Industrial Engineer and worked in the corporate and government sectors for over 13 years.  I am bringing all that I know and love about Industrial Engineering into the real estate industry for YOUR BENEFIT.  My background provides process optimization techniques that will make the home buying and selling process as simplified, as possible, while maximizing your profits.  I have a great eye for the BIG PICTURE.

Originally from Alabama and a graduate of Auburn University, I made my way to Charlotte in 2004 and quickly fell in love with this little “big” city.  After growing up with family in the real estate industry, I always had an interest in real estate and knew it held a place in my future.  I finally jumped into the real estate industry, getting my brokers license in 2005 and brought High Caliber Realtors to the Charlotte area in 2014.

With many connections in the architecture and interior design fields, I have the network to help you in whatever direction you want to go with your next home.  I also mastermind with agents across the nation and internationally to stay informed and creative in my techniques and provide the best for my clients.  You can trust that I am a tech-savvy agent and this will only put YOU in a better position for negotiations.  Technology allows us to act fast and with ease, like never before.

When I’m not helping my clients, I love to travel (sometimes even while helping clients, see the tech-savvy remark above).  The love for travel came after completing graduate studies in Prague, Czech Republic and living in Italy for over a year with my husband, David.  It was a dream and a great time to make it happen.  Ask me about my travels, I love to tell my stories and hear yours too!

I have the best clients in Lake Norman & Charlotte!  Want to work with me?  Get High Caliber on your side today!

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Living in Italy
Living in Italy